Off-Ice training to improve speed, strength and power for hockey players and skaters

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The Difference

At Advantage Strength, youth off-ice training is all we do. Your athlete will get exactly what they need to improve performance on the ice. They will improve as overall athletes, AND get training for the unique demands of sports played on ice.

Every session will include:

Hockey Training

Faster on the Ice, stronger on the puck, better in the corner

Core Training improves players skating posture, shot power, and ability to give and receive body contact.

Single leg strength training develops not only leg muscles, but also hip and core mucles to create dynamic skating while maintaining hip and low back health.

Conditioning that looks like hockey-interval-based conditioning helps players play at a higher level during their shift and recover after it.

Figure Skating Training

Hold better posture, generate more speed, all with fewer injuries.

Core training improves posture control, checking turns, and overall athletic strength.

Jumps and plyometrics create more explosive jumps and safer landings

Single leg strength training develops speed and power, allowing skaters to push harder and jump higher without losing posture.

Conditioning helps you to be just as strong at the end of your program as you are in the beginning

Our Team

Brian Sipotz, CSCS, Pn1

Founder and CEO

Brian opened Advantage’s Strength’s first location in Ann Arbor in the spring of 2012 after completing his 7 year professional hockey career. He was drafted by the NHL’s Atlanta Thrashers, and played a majority of his career with the Chicago Wolves in the American Hockey League. Before playing professionally, he played 3 years at Culver Military Academy and 4 years of NCAA hockey at Miami University.

Since ASC’s opening, Brian has coached hundreds of hockey players, skaters and other athletes, helping them to be strongerand more confident on the ice, and instilling love of training and exercise off the ice. He is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist as well as a Precision Nutrition level 1 coach.

John Zink, CSCS

Youth Performance Director, Ann Arbor

John is a MBSC Certified Functional Strength Coach who began his strength and conditioning journey in 2021 after studying exercise science at Eastern Michigan University. After a full internship and an additional year of coaching at Advantage, John took over the Youth Director role in early 2022.

Now John is dedicated to sharing his knowledge of strength and conditioning with those who look to increase performance through strength training.

Jason Hill

Youth Performance Director, Hazel Park

Jason is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist who began his strength and conditioning journey in 2015. After studying exercise science and playing hockey at Western Michigan University, Jason immediately began training a wide variety of athletes and general fitness enthusiasts. Eventually, Jason began to specialize in hockey players when he joined Unique Breed Goaltending in 2017 as the Director of Off-Ice Programs.

Jason joined the Advantage Strength team in 2021 as a strength and conditioning coach and hopes to create a productive and clallenging enviroment, where anyone can learn about and improve their performance.


Ann Arbor

Ann Arbor Ice Cube, 2121 Oak Valley Dr, Ann Arbor MI 48103

Hazel Park

Viking Arenna, 1555 E Woodward Heights Blvd, Hazel Park MI 48030

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